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The Young Age of the Earth

The Young Age of the Earth
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The Young Age of the Earth

by Dr. Robert Gentry
76 minute DVD
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The Young Age of the Earth explains how a young Earth is compatible with a myriad of field evidences and the Genesis record of creation in six literal days. Dr. Robert V. Gentry and his son, David present young earth evidences supporting rapid coal formation such as polonium halos in coalified wood and the astonishingly pure giant coal beds of the Powder River Basin. These coal beds, sometimes hundreds of feet thick, are better explained by a rapid deposition and burial of billions of tons of vegetation by a massive flood mechanism. Present day oil formation in the Guaymas Basin is seen using deep sea footage from DSV Alvin. Aerial and ground based footage of the Grand Canyon illustrate features which question whether the Colorado River carved the canyon over millions of years. Dr. Walt Brown discusses his hydroplate theory which is consistent with the biblical flood model. Scenes from the visitor center at Dinosaur National Monument are explained in a startling new way. An explanation of cavitation includes footage from the Glen Canyon Dam where the power of catastrophically driven water is demonstrated in the spillway tunnels at the dam. Fossil Butte National Monument is also visited where inconsistencies between accepted theory and fossil evidence abound. The mass burial and deposition of millions of fish demands a theory of catastrophism similar to that required in the Grand Canyon. Dinosaur tracks in the coal mines of Eastern Utah near Price are documented and related to the age of the coal which they are found in. The published evidence from the deep drill holes in New Mexico show helium retention which is impossible to explain except by a young Earth paradigm. A synopsis of the polonium halos evidence for a rapid crystallization of granite is given explaining the difficulties they pose to the view of an anciently evolving planet from a hot melt.

The Young Age of the Earth provides revolutionary scientific evidence for a model of Earth history which:

The sedimentary layers composing the Grand Canyon were deposited quickly instead of slowly;

The Grand Canyon was formed over a short time by fast erosional processes;

Granites, the foundation of the Earth, formed rapidly instead of by slow cooling;

Life forms did not appear spontaneously, but by design;

Coal and oil can form rapidly, and did so recently

Dinosaurs existed, not millions of years ago, but just a few thousand years ago;

Natural laws, the glue which hold the entire evolutionary framework together, cannot explain everything in Earth history.

The evidence presented in The Young Age of the Earth will clearly show that the Earth is actually quite young, and will give you reason to rethink your beliefs about life's origins based on valid scientific data.


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