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Wonders of the Sea

Wonders of the Sea
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This special combination is perfect for homeschool students, Christian school libraries, or anyone with an interest in creation. It includes 2 books, studyguide, and DVD offered at a saving of 35% off the retail price.

The Ocean Book

by Frank Sherwin

What lies beneath the surface of the world’s oceans? What mysteries lurk in the darkness thousands of feet below? Join the adventure as the depths of the ocean are explored in this fascinating new book that brings the wonders of the ocean to light.

As the fourth entry in the “Wonders of Creation” series, this book and companion study guide answers all of these questions and more, with full-color photos, charts, graphs, and illustrations that bring the murky, mysterious depths of the ocean to life. This superb book is a fantastic supplement to any homeschool curriculum, and contains many scripture references where God speaks about the oceans in His Word. It can be used as a reference book, and also makes a wonderful leisurely read. All ages from a middleschool level and up will enjoy this informative and fascinating book.

• Where did all the salt come from?
• What keeps the oceans from freezing?
• Why do icebergs float?
• What causes the tides and why are they beneficial?
• How deep are the oceans?
• Includes FREE pull-out poster
• Other exciting books in this series now with OVER 100,000 IN PRINT
• Additional study guides may be downloaded from website.

Marvels of Creation: Sensational Sea Creatures

by Buddy & Kay Davis

This full-color, hardcover book is chock-full of great information about animals. Buddy and Kay Davis, through their love of nature, have written books perfect for Christian education, or just recreational reading.

A detailed description of 30 animals is given, focusing on habitat, eating habits, and design features. There are also study questions at the end, to test knowledge. Accompanying photographs give the reader a complete perspective.

The Mighty, Wonderful Oceans

Seminar DVD by Frank Sherwin (author of The Ocean Book) recorded at the Seattle Creation Conference, August 2007.

We sometimes take for granted the oceans of the world in all their majesty and power. Frank shows the amazing variety of life from tidal pools to the crushing depths over 5 miles down! Important paths or currents in the oceans mentioned in Scripture have been shown to exist. The critical significance of moon-induced tides giving us weather of the world is also discussed. Finally, the Genesis Flood is addressed with reference to the volume of water in the oceans.