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Free Studyguides for Wonders of Creation series

Free Studyguides for Wonders of Creation series
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Download free study guides for the Wonders of Creation book series: The Astronomy Book, The Archaeology Book, The Cave Book, The Ecology Book, The Fossil Book, The Geology Book, The Ocean Book, and The Weather Book.

The Astronomy Book - One thing we have in common with the ancients is that all of the human race has gazed at the night sky and the bright morning and wondered, “What’s out there?” Our universe is so vast and awe-inspiring that to learn about it is to learn about ourselves.
(Download The Astronomy Book studyguide)

The Archaeology Book - Takes you on an exciting exploration of history and ancient cultures. You’ll learn both the techniques of the archaeologist and the accounts of some of the richest discoveries of the Middle East that demonstrate the accuracy and historicity of the Bible.
(Download The Archaeology Book studyguide)

The Cave Book - Explore deep into the hidden wonders beneath the surface as cave expert Dr. Emil Silvestru takes you on an illuminating and educational journey through the mysterious world of caves. Discover the beautiful formations, thriving ecology, unique animals, and fragile balance of this little-seen ecosystem in caves from around the globe.
(Download The Cave Book studyguide)

The Ecology Book - Study the relationship between living organisms and our place in God's wondrous creation! Learn important words and concepts from different habitats around the world to mutual symbiosis as a product of the relational character of God. Examine influential Scientists and their work, more fully understand practical aspects of stewardship, and investigate ecological connections in creation.
(Download The Ecology Book studyguide)

The Fossil Book - This book uncovers the exciting story of fossils—how they formed, where they are found, how to identify and build your own collection—all from a creation perspective. Fascinating, informative and filled with color photos and illustrations, this book will unearth the inquisitive nature in all students.
(Download The Fossil Book studyguide)

The Geology Book - Rocks firmly anchored to the ground and rocks floating through space fascinate us. Jewelry, houses and roads are just some of the ways we use what has been made from geologic processes to advance civilization. Whether scrambling over a rocky beach or gazing at spectacular meteor showers, we can't get enough of geology.
(Download The Geology Book studyguide)

The Ocean Book - You’ll be amazed by what lies beneath the surface of the world’s oceans! Learn of the mysteries that lurk in the darkness thousands of feet below and join the adventure as the depths of the oceans are explored in this fascinating full-color book. Free pull-out poster. Includes full-color photos, charts, graphs and illustrations.
(Download The Ocean Book studyguide)

The Weather Book - Learning about the weather is fun! It will change the way you look at the clouds in the sky. Now you’ll have more of an understanding about what is going on miles above your head. And when you hear a weather report on television, you’ll understand so much more about the world around you.
(Download The Weather Book studyguide)