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Witness to This Generation

Witness to This Generation
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Witness to This Generation

Roger Oakland Provides Biblical Insignts For Using Creation-Evangelism

Author: Roger Oakland
165 page paperback

There has never been a more critical time to sow the truth of the gospel into our world. Proclaiming the “good news” of Jesus Christ to our present generation is becoming increasingly more difficult. While people everywhere have embraced Darwinian evolution as a means of explaining away the existence of God, there is a growing trend in our society to accept the New Age world view that evolution is God.

In Witness to This Generation , Roger Oakland will provide biblical insights showing how “creation-evangelism” can be used as a method of witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ to our generation and why the time remaining to do so may be very short.

About the Author
Roger Oakland is an author and lecturer who speaks internationally on a variety of topics relating to the Bible and science, the defense of the Christian faith, and the deception the Bible predicts will characterize the last days.