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Unformed and Unfilled: A Critique of the Gap Theory

Unformed and Unfilled
Unformed and Unfilled
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by Weston Fields

176 page paperback
Retail Price: $11.99
ISBN: 0890514232

Everyone’s heard of it. Many believe it. Is there a “gap in time” between the first two verses in Genesis? Does this alleged gap really represent a vast amount of time?

Weston Field’s classic treatment of this subject is now being published by Master Books, and promoted by such important organizations as Answers in Genesis.

In this book, Fields makes a detailed study of the gap theory, paying particular attention to the original Hebrew language of Genesis. His conclusion — that this theory is not a reasonable compromise with modern evolutionary theory, but a dangerous diversion from biblical truth — helps readers who struggle with the question of the time taken during the creation week. Was it really six days? Can Christians find a workable solution to the debate about creation and time? An important book.

• A presentation of a variety of views espoused by Christians of all denominations

• A professional, scholarly look that can be easily understood by laymen

• A fascinating study of the original Hebrew text

• A classic work still relevant today

“A brilliant, scholarly refutation of the famed gap theory” - Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis


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