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Timothy Whale’s Rainbow

Timothy Whale’s Rainbow
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Timothy Whale’s Rainbow

By Darrell Wiskur
40 page casebound
Retail Price: $11.99
ISBN: 0890512892

A simple, rhyming children’s book that explains the flood of Noah to young children in a format that is comparable in quality to top commercial or secular projects, both in artwork, and writing. A watercolor art style that complements the text and tells the flood story in a different way than readers are used to seeing, Timothy Whale’s Rainbow reminds children that behind the terrible judgement of the flood, God’s love and provision made a way of escape for those who loved Him. It also includes a 6-page glossary in the back with fun facts about the ocean, whales, and Noah’s Ark.


Kids and Youth
Biblical creation science educational material for children. Such material is becoming increasingly important as public school systems become ever more secularized. Included are works by educators from the Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Research Society, and Creation Ministries International.