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For Time and Forever

For Time and Forever
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For Time and Forever

by Dr. Henry Morris
224 page hardcover
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For Time and Forever is a wonderful tribute to the God who created everything, and who loves mankind. Morris deftly destroys the pillars of evolutionary thought, and shows instead that all reality is based on the existence of God the Creator. The author adds a good dose of scientific discussion, while also answering key questions such as, Is there a heaven and a hell? Why do bad things happen? and, Is there a plan for my life? Morris instructs the reader to use his or her gifts to better mankind, making the crucial point that people who believe in order and purpose in the universe (rather than randomness and hopelessness) are motivated to do good. A marvelous look at our world, for pastors and laymen alike.

A brilliant study of who the Jesus of the Bible really is
Encourages education, and the need for believers to study the Word of God
Exposes fatal flaws of evolutionary teaching
Presents a thorough study of the creation-evolution debate, from fossils to the complexity of the human brain

About the Author
Henry Morris, Ph.D., (deceased) earned the title, The Father of Modern Creationism, through his numerous writings about the creation/evolution debate. He was a respected scientist and author, and the founder of the Institute for Creation Research.