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Thinking God's Thoughts After Him: : Great Scientists Who Honored the Creator

Thinking God's Thoughts After Him
Thinking God's Thoughts After Him
Item# BK-thinking_Gods


Author: Christine Dao

Publisher: ICR (2008)
32 Page Paperback
ISBN: 0-932766-92-7
Retail Price: $9.95

Well-researched and vividly presented, Thinking God's Thoughts After Him by Christine Dao unveils what the founding fathers of science believed about God as Creator. Explore the life and accomplishments of these men of science who also were devoted followers of God. Can a great scientist be a great Christian? Absolutely. Read what they themselves testify about God and creation.


Apologetics / Evangelism
Apologetics is the particular task of defending a particular idea or belief system and answering its critics. For those who hold to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, Biblical apologetics is an important branch of theology involved with the defense of the history and teachings given within.

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