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Take a Trip on the Silver Ship: Undersea Journey

Take a Trip on the Silver Ship: Undersea Journey
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Take a Trip on the Silver Ship: Undersea Journey

by Darrell Wiskur
80 page casebound (PRESCHOOL AGES)
Retail Price: $6.99

Children will be thrilled at the spectacular sea creatures they’ll discover in living color. Great Creatures that God created can be seen up close and personal in this one-of-a-kind children ’s book. Award-winning illustrator and author Darrell Wiskur introduces the child to each animal, and lets the child ”get in the picture ”as he sees himself in a special built-in-mirror. Board books that appeal both to the imagination and to children ’s natural curosity of their world Provides you with solid answers to some of the most asked questions about the Bible, particularly the Book of Genesis! You’ll think more biblically in all areas of life after viewing this Bible-honoring and professionally produced series! These well-illustrated presentations will teach you how to reconnect the Bible with the real world!

• Simple board books with a creation-based message
• A child’s first science book
• Breathtaking art will delight children
• Encourages children to develop their imaginations in a learning setting

This Undersea Journey -board book features a built-in mirror for children to see themselves as they journey to wonderful destinations of God ’s creation under the sea.


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