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Take Back the Land

Take Back the Land
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Take Back the Land

by Rick Boyer
290 page paperback
ISBN 9780890516195
Retail Price $13.99

"This is a book for young people. It was written because I believe young people are important and that they have a huge part in Godís plan for the future of America and the Church. In fact, you are the future, and a big part of the present, too." Ė Rick Boyer, The Learning Parent

God is calling you to greatness. No excuses. Be ready to answer the call.

As a young person, you have the chance to impact the future in a positive, godly way. The question is: "Are you ready for the challenge?"

If youíre a believer in Jesus Christ, your calling is to change the world. All you need to get started is the desire to influence your country and church in a positive way. Home schooling and the strength of the Christian family is helping to produce the future leaders of our culture, those with the potential to lead decades of revival and national reformation. If you ignore the challenge, there is little hope for America. A lot depends on you.

So, here is the challenge: Grow up. Now. Get busy. Take responsibility to change this world for God, because thatís exactly what He expects you to do. Your life matters, and God wants to make your life great.

It wonít be easy, and reading this book, you may feel itís being a little tough on you. There are high expectations and little allowance for excuses. Life isnít easy, but strive to make it a worthy one. Pioneer missionary William Carey once said, "Attempt great things for God. Expect great things from God."


"Take Back the Land is an important, landmark book for the homeschool movement. Written by homeschooling pioneer Rick Boyer, its message is aimed at the Joshua Generation whose special mission is nothing less than taking America back to its Christian roots. The author explains the meaning of this great mission and why he believes the Joshua Generation has been chosen by the Lord to carry it out." - Samuel Blumenfeld, columnist The New America

"Take Back the Land is a call to young adults to get busy for the kingdom, to take the Word of God seriously and apply it in every area of life. Great exhortation to pray, seek wise counsel and act! Filled with ways that young adults can make an impact on the world that God created. Well done Mr. Boyer! Well done!Ē - Corey Cheney, Christian Home Educators of Colorado and Homeschool Update Magazine


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Christianity in America
The Christian heritage of the United States of America is acknowledged as deeply rooted by both historians and scholars. In 1682, William Penn founded the Province of Pennsylvania, a Quaker government based on the ideals of the Bible, which would prove the foundation for the future United States of America. Afterward, many of the colonies that became the United States were settled by men and women of deep religious convictions who in the seventeenth century crossed the Atlantic Ocean to practice their faith freely. When the new governments were formed at the state and national levels, most American statesmen shared the convictions of their constituents that religion was "indispensable to the maintenance of republican institutions" (Alexis de Tocqueville).

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