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Starlight, Time and the New Physics (DVD)

Starlight, Time and the New Physics
Starlight, Time and the New Physics
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Seminar by Dr John Hartnett

41 minutes (High School–Adult)

This is a bold new answer to the distant starlight issue. Many still doubt the Bible’s clear timescale because, they think, it is impossible for light to have reached the Earth in only a few thousand years from stars that are millions of light-years away. This misconception is often the ultimate stumbling block to a straightforward acceptance of the Bible—even the gospel itself.

If the universe is only six thousand years old as understood from a straightforward reading of Genesis, and the universe is tens of billions of light-years in expanse, then how do we see light from distant galaxies? From firm physical theory, Dr Hartnett outlines a solution to this seemingly intractable problem that is often used to question the integrity of the Bible.


Starlight, Time and the New Physics (book)
Starlight and Time (DVD)
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