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Starlight and Time: Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe

Starlight and Time
Starlight and Time
Item# BK-sta_tim


by D. Russell Humphreys

Published 1994
133 page paperback
ISBN: 0890512027
Retail Price: $7.99

Using concepts from the general theory of relativity, Dr. Humphreys has derived a young earth cosmology which offers an explanation for the existence of "old" starlight in a young universe. The author compares his hypothesis to previous creationist explanations for the existence of starlight that should have required millions of years to reach the earth. Defects in the "big bang" theory are noted as well.

About the Author:
David Russell Humphreys, Ph.D., is an award-winning nuclear and theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and creationist. His most notable contributions to creation science are his insights on the rapid decay of Earth's magnetic field, his contributions to the RATE Group project, and his white hole cosmology.


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