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Search for Mt. Sinai

Search for Mt. Sinai
Item# VID-search_sinai


Search for Mt. Sinai: Mountain of Fire

Region 0 (Playable Worldwide), NTSC
Color, Widescreen, Dolby
Single DVD
Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes
Director: John Schmidt
Language: English
UPC: 095163882082
Retail Price: $12.95

Explorers Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams take an incredible expedition into the blistering heat of the deserts of Saudi Arabia to investigate what many scholars believe to be one of the greatest discoveries in history... the real Mt. Sinai, the holy mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments.

As part of the Bible Explorer Series, this DVD documentary tells their amazing story of how they crawl into forbidden military installations and use night vision goggles to avoid being detected. Their risks pay off, as they discover over a dozen significant remnants still remaining, including where the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, the altar of the golden calf, and the split rock of Horeb. The explorers embark on a journey that will change their lives forever and find remarkable evidence that confirms the Bible as historically accurate.


"Finally! Proof God Exists! I was recently challenged in an atheist forum, "After 2 million Jews wandered the wilderness for 40 years, why is there ZERO archeological proof of Exodus?" Good question - one I found difficult to answer. This morning, my Pastor showed this DVD to a group of us who stayed after church. I couldn't help but to audibly say, " YOU Jesus!" (T. P. - NC)

"If you are Christian, this is a must-see-must-have. If you are an intellectually honest atheist, agnostic, skeptic or if you simply believe in the channeled wisdom of Shirley MacLaine, this is a must-see-must-have. If this does not ground your Christian faith or bring you to it, nothing will. As far as archeological proof goes, this DVD deals us four aces with a king kicking it." (J. T. - TX)

"As a backslidden non-believer myself, I only WISH I would have come across this proof at the BEGINNING of my would have saved me a lot of time and angst. Let's face it, having a dose of intellectually fulfilling proof that grounds the Bible as TRUTH (versus a 'Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups') compels one to 'sit up and take notice' when it comes to believing the rest of it." (N. L. - WI)

"My briefcase will never be without an additional copy of this DVD to give away." (B. B. - NY)


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Biblical Archaeology
Biblical Archaeology is an important creation science discipline that substantiates the Bible as a valid historical document, and the Biblical chronology as accurate time-line. Each year new discoveries are made, and creationists are encouraged to keep themselves informed of progress in this field.

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