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Seattle Creation Conference 2010

Seattle Creation Conference 2010
Item# VID-SCC_2010


Seattle Creation Conference 2010 is a collection of eight 50-60 minute seminars that were recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference on October 2010 at New Life Foursquare Church.

Speakers include:
• John Morris
• Paul Nelson
• John Byl
• Chris Ashcraft

Cosmology: Explaining the Universe
Seminar by John Byl PhD.

There is a huge gap between cosmological data and theory. Many different cosmologies can explain the same data. Cosmology needs presuppositions, many of which are unverifiable. We examine a number of ancient, Big Bang, and creationist models. Although a cosmological model may have serious short-comings, any favored cosmology can be saved by ad hoc devices. Ultimately, cosmological models are assessed in terms of one’s worldview. A Biblical cosmology differs on the nature of reality, origins and eschatology.

Dinosaurs: The Lost World of the Bible
by Chris W. Ashcraft, MS., M.Ed.

Dinosaurs have inspired countless myths and legends, but where do the facts meet with the Bible? Paleontologists assert that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, long before humans ever walked the Earth. But, this view is in stark contrast to the creation account in Genesis, which states the both humans and land animals were created on the same day.

This presentation will provide a summary of the naturalist perspective of dinosaurs, and then look to the Bible for insight into their true history. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? Were they also placed on Noah's ark? If so, why are they now extinct? These and other key issues will be answered in this popular talk.

Fossil Record: A Problem for Evolution
by John Morris PhD.

Evolution relies on, depends on, and believes in the "evolutionary story" of the fossil record. Several key facts punch holes in that foundation—the extreme rarity of transitional forms, stasis in the record, sudden appearance of complex animal and plant forms, and gaps between species. Discuss the supposed origin of fish, bats, fleas, flies, birds, dragonflies, marine reptiles, whales, and finally humans. Compare the evolutionary scenario to the creation scenario in which each type was created by a supreme Creator separately and fully formed, just as it is found in the fossil record. Conclude with a summary of the real fossil record and its record of death and extinction.

The Miracle of Life
by Chris W. Ashcraft, MS., M.Ed

The origin of life remains the theory of evolution's most significant obstacle. More than 150 years after Darwin published his theory, and following exhaustive efforts, evolutionists are no closer to solving the riddle of how life began. Despite countless attempts using every conceivable condition, biochemists have been unable to produce genetic information (DNA) and/or proteins in a simulated natural environment and thereby show how even the simplest cell could have formed without intelligent design.

This presentation will examine the origin of life and illustrate that evolution is simply without a foundation. Life began through the actions of a God of supreme intelligence and creative power - actions that could never be reproduced by mere humans and will never be explained without reference to intelligent causation.

Understanding Intelligent Design
Seminar by Paul Nelson PhD.

According to its critics, intelligent design (ID) is simply creationism repackaged to evade constitutional challenges in the public school science classroom. This criticism, however, ignores both the real history of ID and its actual content. ID is not so much a theory about life’s history – because ID supporters differ widely in their views about the details of Earth history – but a proposal that design is empirically detectable, and thus a fit subject for scientific analysis. In his talk, Dr. Nelson will explain what ID is and what it is not.

War of the Worldviews: Christianity vs. Naturalism
Seminar by John Byl PhD.

Some claim science has "killed" God. Yet science is not objective but is very much worldview-driven. Worldviews reflect our most basic presuppositions about reality. The defense of naturalism & post-modernity are ultimately self-refuting. Christianity, on the other hand, gives coherence, meaning, purpose & hope.

Whatever Happened To Darwin’s Tree Of Life?
by Paul Nelson PhD.

Throughout the 20th century, Darwin’s picture of all organisms on Earth arising from a great Tree, with a single root, dominated biology. Within the past decade, however, a growing number of evolutionary biologists have announced that biology must “go beyond the doctrine of common descent” and that “the Tree of Life is dead.” What discoveries motivate these claims? What are the consequences for the origins debate? In his talk, Dr. Nelson will review the genomic data fracturing the Tree of Life at its base, and what this means for the future of biology.

The Young Earth
by John Morris PhD.

There is not just proper information to know regarding the issue of origins but also a proper way to think about the issue. Properly discerned and understood, science strongly supports the biblical doctrine of the young earth. In fact, once you see it, you will see it everywhere. Five examples of young earth indicators along with several predictions which a flood model makes build the case for a young age.