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Rocks & Ages: Do They Hide Millions of Years?

Rocks & Ages: Do They Hide Millions of Years?
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Seminar by Dr. Emil Silvestru

(High School-Adult) 64 mins

Ever wondered how scientists 'date' rocks? Dr Silvestru explains the assumptions that govern what evolutionary geologists 'see' in the rock record. A biblical model, based on a cataclysmic Flood, makes much more sense of the rocks we find today.


Thousands. . . Not Billions (book)
Flood Geology
Creation geology is the study of geology founded on the presupposition that the Biblical flood described in the book of Genesis was a real and historical event of global magnitude, and is therefore also known as flood geology. Creation geologists seek primarily to show that Earth's geologic features are best interpreted within the scope of this Biblical cataclysm; including sedimentary strata, fossilization, fossil fuels, submarine canyons, plate tectonics, salt domes and frozen mammoths.

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Age of the Earth / Universe
The age of the Earth and/or universe is perhaps one of the most significant conflicts that exists between the Bible and secular science assertions. If the Bible can be taken as historically accurate, then the creation was a very recent event, and the fossil record is instead due to the Biblical flood of Noah.

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