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Raging Waters: Evidence of the Genesis Flood in Australia

Raging Waters
Raging Waters
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by Keziah and American Portrait Films

Evolutionary science claims that no major catastrophes have struck the earth in recent times, yet legends of Australian Aborigines speak of catastrophic events in recent history. The Genesis account tells how almost all land life was destroyed in a devastating global Flood. Travel with Atlas Adventures as geologists Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Graeme Watmuff, and Philip Hohnen present evidence that Uluru, in the heart of the red desert, was formed rapidly and recently in torrential flooding. Flooded strata, ripple marks, marine fossils in high mountain ranges, and the rapid formation of coal, mineral ores, and opals all point to a recent cataclysm, when the vast land of Australia was swept by raging waters.

27 minutes


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Flood Geology
Creation geology is the study of geology founded on the presupposition that the Biblical flood described in the book of Genesis was a real and historical event of global magnitude, and is therefore also known as flood geology. Creation geologists seek primarily to show that Earth's geologic features are best interpreted within the scope of this Biblical cataclysm; including sedimentary strata, fossilization, fossil fuels, submarine canyons, plate tectonics, salt domes and frozen mammoths.

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Biblical Catastrophism
Catastrophism is the theory that massive catastrophes occurred in earth's past, substantially altering the Earth and its life via mountain uplift, rapid deposition, and mass extinctions. According to creation scientists, such an event did occur according to the Biblical account of the Global Flood in the time of Noah.

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