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Item# BK-quizzles


by Roger Howerton

4 Books included:

Do You Noah Me? Quizzles about the Flood

Exit Us Out of Egypt: Quizzles about Moses and the Children of Israel

In the Big Inning: Quizzles about Creation

Lot, Stock, and Pharaoh: Quizzles about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

What do you get when you cross a quiz with a puzzle? A Quizzle! Each Quizzles book covers a different biblical theme, and the set covers the first five books of the Bible. Quizzles are educational and challenging, but most of all, Quizzles are fun! All you need is a pencil to start filling in the answers. This is an innovative and fun way to learn more about the Bible and stimulate Bible study. Quizzles range from the ever-favorite word searches and crossword puzzles to other Quizzles like add-a-letters, crypto-lists, brainteasers, anagrams, and other nifty word games. Quizzles would be great time-fillers for those final minutes of a Sunday school or Bible study class when the lesson ends before the bell, or take them along on trips, to waiting rooms, or any other place you want to make good use of some spare moments.

Entertaining puzzles, quizzes, and word games

Expands your Bible knowledge!

Use Quizzles for Sunday school, family time, or any time!

Make great gifts for Bible classes Quizzles are not simply Bible quizzes, but are puzzles, word games, Bible trivia, and quizzes for the whole family.