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Item# CUR-questions


Questions: Helping Kids Answer the World's Big Questions About Their Faith

Creation curriculum by Stacia McKeever

Retail Price: $24.99

ISBN 9781600920288

The third installment in the popular Answers for Kids curriculum series! Questions builds on the knowledge gained from Beginnings and Seven Cs of History, and provides aswers to such questions as: What about the dinasaurs? Are there really aliens? Was there an Ice Age? What about apemen? and Why are snakes so scary?

• 96 page teacher's manual
• 7 full-color student handouts
• CD-Rom with bonus material


About the Author:

Stacia McKeever works for Answers in Genesis and co-authors the “Answers for Kids” section in each Creation magazine. She has written or co-written a number of articles for Creation magazine and the AiG website and gives creation talks to children. Stacia and her husband, Seth, live in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.