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God's Design for Chemistry: Properties of Matter

Properties of Matter
Properties of Matter
Item# BK-prop_matter


by Debbie & Richard Lawrence

134 Page Softcover
34 Lessons
ISBN 1893345793
Retail Price: $24.99

1 of 3 books in God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology.

Explore acids, bases, and salts, and have fun with food chemistry in the kitchen!

In this complete chemistry curriculum for grades 3-7, your children will study the molecules and matter that make up our world and learn about the tools of science, the scientific method and the periodic table of elements.

In this book you will learn how to measure matter, to identify solids, liquids, and gases, and how to classify matter. Have fun as you and your child learn to use the scientific method to explore solutions and mixtures.

And best of all you get to do chemistry in the kitchen as you study about the chemicals that make up your food, bake bread, and even make homemade ice cream!


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