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Planetary Cataclysm

Planetary Cataclysm
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Planetary Cataclysm: Plate tectonics modelling—astounding new insights into Noah’s Flood

55 Minute seminar by Dr John Baumgardner recorded at the Creation Ministries International 2009 Super Camp.

Format: DVD
Audience: High School-Adult
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Hear about astounding new insights into Noah’s Flood from one of the world’s leading geophysicists. Using simulated computer modelling, the evidence is so compelling that it has caused many to reconsider their conventional views about plate tectonics.


Biblical Catastrophism
Catastrophism is the theory that massive catastrophes occurred in earth's past, substantially altering the Earth and its life via mountain uplift, rapid deposition, and mass extinctions. According to creation scientists, such an event did occur according to the Biblical account of the Global Flood in the time of Noah.

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