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Our Created Moon

Our Created Moon
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Our Created Moon

by Dr. Donald DeYoung, John Whitcomb
80 Page Casebound
ISBN: 9780890515815
Retail Price: $15.99

For eons the moon has intrigued humanity. From its creation through the current issues of space exploration, the moon has been both a light in the night and a protective shield of earth placed perfectly by God, regulating our seasons and keeping our atmosphere purified. Billions of dollars have been spent to reach its surface and discover its secrets; open these pages and discover those secrets for yourself.

Now completely revised and expanded, Our Created Moon is filled with the most current full-color images, facts and figures, and innovative teaching resources:
•Developed as an educational resource for use in classroom study, independent learning, and homeschool settings.
•Filled with clearly-stated objectives built upon basic learning as a foundation for more developed learning skills.
•Loaded with provocative questions about the moon's history, purpose, record in Scripture, as well as a clear response to critics.
•Discover unique and fascinating facts and insights on the moon found throughout the text.
•Make your own interesting findings and observations from practical, inexpensive activities at the end of each chapter.

The moon is more than just a rock. Our Creator has perfectly and purposely planned it and placed it. Nothing has been left to chance.

• A wonderful study of our nearest neighbor
• Written for the layman in an easy-to-understand format
• Illustrations and explanatory charts included

We’ve seen the moon almost every day of our lives. We are so accustomed to its being there, that we sometimes take it for granted. God created the moon on the fourth day to be more than a conversation starter. Think about the following: The moon is the perfect size to reflect sunlight to the earth, allowing for a soft night-light. Without the moon, our seasons would be severe and unpredictable. Tides caused by the moon are essential for the health of the oceans. The life cycles of many animals follow the phases of the moon. The moon acts as a shield, attracting space rocks that would otherwise hit the earth. The moon has taken the impact of meteors that would have hit Earth. On the moon, there are 200,000 identified craters. On Earth, there are 200. These are just a few provisions that are supplied by the moon.

Our Created Moon is not just a little collection of trivia, but provides thoughtful and complete, factual explanations about Earth’s closest neighbor. Well-known creation scientists Don DeYoung and John Whitcomb share their knowledge in an easy-to-comprehend format.


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Creation Astronomy is the scientific study of matter in outer space with the goal of determining or measuring properties of distant objects, such as distances, positions, dimensions, distribution, magnitudes, motion, composition, physical condition, energy, evolution, and the causes of their various phenomena. Astronomers research the contents of the Universe from the level of elementary particles to the largest superclusters of galaxies. Creation Astronomers attempt to explain stellar phenomena from the presupposition that celestial bodies were created by God. Most creationists also draw from religious texts like the Bible for insight.

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Intelligent Design
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