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Origin of Life

Origin of Life
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Origin of Life Curriculum

by the Institute for Creation Research (2009)
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The first of a new teaching supplement series, Origin of Life deals with the most crucial issues in science education today. Each Science Education Essentials supplement includes a teacher's manual and a CD-ROM with additional teacher resources. This CD-ROM is packed with K-12 reproducible classroom activities and PowerPoint presentations to enrich and reinforce your students' learning. Science Education Essentials are designed to work within your school's existing science curriculum.


Genetic Diversity
Creation Biology
Creation Biology is the study of biological processes and organisms, while operating under the assumption that God created life on Earth. The discipline is premised on the idea that God created a finite number of discrete created kinds or baramin. While these forms of life have the ability to vary and even undergo speciation, they cannot arise spontaneously from non-life, cannot interbreed outside of their kind, and cannot increase in genetic complexity.

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