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Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside The Box

Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside The Box
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Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside The Box

25 minute documentary
by Answers in Genesis (2007)
Ages 12 & up
WINNER! 2009 Jubilee Award
Retail Price: $14.99

As history has shown, artists in each generation have defined Noah's ark according to the cultural setting and what they knew at the time. While we used to see variety in the shape of the ark, more recent depictions have seemingly locked into the box shape. But new insights, in keeping with the biblical specifications of the ark and conditions during the flood, suggest that it's time we start thinking "outside the box."

Get the answers you need! Order this award-winning documentary and learn from Tim Lovett, Dr. John Whitcomb, and apologist Ken Ham.

As we learn more about ancient shipbuilding we must ask the question, “When Noah constructed the Ark, woudn't he have used the technology of his day? Could he follow the Lord’s directions and actually build a ship able to withstand the cataclysmic tempest?”

Following the example of Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb’s ground-breaking book, The Genesis Flood, Ark researcher Tim Lovett applies new findings to the contours and interior design of the Ark, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the Word of God.

This ground-breaking DVD about the Ark is one of the highest quality DVDs we’ve ever produced! You’ll see animations, interviews, and images of the Ark that explain the most perplexing of questions. Look inside the ship that saved humanity. Rest in the authority and inerrancy of God’s Word as the Ark and its reality is affirmed from the pages of Scripture and the most recent of research.


Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark was the immense vessel that God told Noah to build, as recorded in the book of Genesis, chapter 6. The Ark fulfilled its purposes to save Noah and his family from the global flood and to preserve mating pairs of every kind of terrestrial animal. Although there have been many claims, sadly the Ark has not been discovered. According to Scripture, the Ark came to rest in the mountains of Ararat, which are in Turkey. There have been numerous reports of sightings throughout history, but the region remains largely unexplored. Although the Ark has probably decomposed since the flood, it remains a dream of Biblical archaeologists worldwide that the Ark will be found. The Ark's discovery would substantiate the Biblical account of a recent global flood and God's judgment. Discovering a vessel of that size in Turkey would lend credence to the Bible's account of the Earth's early history and the catastrophic interpretation of the fossil record.

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