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Noah's Ark, Noah's Flood: Lots of Water, Lots of Mud

Noah's Ark, Noah's Flood
Noah's Ark, Noah's Flood
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By John Morris & Jonathan Chong

32 page hardcover

Retail Price: $11.99

ISBN: 0890512345

The third book in the “DJ and Tracker John” series, this colorful children’s book makes a splash by explaining Noah’s flood in terms of a real, historical event.

Dr. John Morris uses his knowledge of geology to give young readers an exciting peek into the deluge that altered history and the earth’s surface features. Morris emphasizes that rock strata today shouts loudly that a watery catastrophe only thousands of years ago is the only reasonable explanation for the trillions of fossils that we see today.

A tough look at judgment and a compassionate gaze at hope in Christ makes this book a true life-changer for any child.


Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark was the immense vessel that God told Noah to build, as recorded in the book of Genesis, chapter 6. The Ark fulfilled its purposes to save Noah and his family from the global flood and to preserve mating pairs of every kind of terrestrial animal. Although there have been many claims, sadly the Ark has not been discovered.

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