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Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From?

Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From?
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Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From?

Illustrated Lecture by Terry Mortenson

65 minutes • Adults & Teens

This unique DVD introduces the men and the theories that helped popularize the idea of millions of years of earth history. Using high quality illustrations, Dr. Terry Mortenson races through the last 150 years to reveal that what one believes about the age of the earth is a world view conflict of foundational importance! Viewers will understand that the issue is not science vs. religion, but anti-Christian ideas vs. the clear teaching of Scripture. Some of the scientists and theologians highlighted include: Charles Lyell, George Young, Comte de Buffon, John Pye Smith, and George Cuvier.


The Great Turning Point
Noah’s Flood: Washing Away Millions of Years
The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and Christian Compromise
Age of the Earth / Universe
Geochronology is the scientific study of the age of the Earth, and the temporal sequence of events related to the formation of the planet and the history of life on Earth. The word is derived from Geo meaning Earth, and chronology, which is the study of time, or a record of events in the order of their occurrence (timeline). It is from this field of study that fossils and artifacts are dated based on the perceived age of the geological layers in which they are located. Geologists determine the age of rocks, fossils, and sediments using a variety of methods including relative and absolute dating.

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