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The Long War Against God - Study Guide

The Long War Against God - Study Guide
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The Long War Against God Study Guide

by the Institute for Creation Research (2006)

High School-Adult

ISBN: 0-932766-90-0

46 page paperback

Many Christian leaders consider The Long War Against God as one of the preeminent classics among Henry Morris' vast collection of books. Dr. David Jeremiah describes it as "the most comprehensive treatment of a single important subject" that he has ever seen.

This new companion study guide will not only help the reader gain a deeper understanding and proper perspective of the persistent war against God throughout history, but will also prepare and motivate him to be a bold ambassador for Jesus Christ.

This study guide is designed to stimulate, edify, and challenge the individual Christian or Christians in a group environment--the classroom, youth groups, Sunday school, Bible studies, retreats, camps,etc.

Your faith will be strengthened as you discuss the following topics:

The Evolutionary Basis for Modern Thought

Political Evolutionism - Right and Left

Evolutionist Religion and Morals

The Dark Nursery of Darwinism

The Conflict of the Ages

The Everlasting Gospel