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Life's Story 2

Life's Story 2
Item# VID-Life_2


Life Story 2: The Reason for the Journey

60 minute documentary
Exploratio Films
Narrated by Nick Jackson, BBC National Radio
Suitable for use in schools (10 years-adult)
Retail Price: $22.95

From simple cells in the seas, to fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and eventually humans: this we are told has been the evolutionary tree of life. So how does this theory fit in with all we see around us?

After thousands of years of observable evidence and advances in biological research, do Darwin's evolutionary ideas measure up to the discoveries of modern science today?

In this program you will learn about the navigation techniques and defense mechanisms of marine life; the complex behavior of birds; the differences between apes, monkeys and humans; "ape-men" missing-link hoaxes; and how some of the large mammals feed and digest their food.

From Egypt and the depths of the Red Sea, to the islands of Malta, the Cape of Good Hope, and the Savannahs of South Africa, now you can see for yourself and understand the intricate designs of nature's vast array of creatures and our place among them in this wonderfully created world.

Many unusual, rare, and endangered species are featured in this program, including animal behavior never filmed before.


Life's Story (Volume 1)
Creation Biology
Creation Biology is the study of biological processes and organisms, while operating under the assumption that God created life on Earth. The discipline is premised on the idea that God created a finite number of discrete created kinds or baramin. While these forms of life have the ability to vary and even undergo speciation, they cannot arise spontaneously from non-life, cannot interbreed outside of their kind, and cannot increase in genetic complexity.

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