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Journeys to the Edge of Creation

Journeys to the Edge of Creation
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Journeys to the Edge of Creation

Two DVD Set - 40 minutes per DVD
Released 1996
Retail Price $14.99

Exploring the magnitude of Godís power and love.

Our Solar System is a visually stunning video that probes the mysteries of the heavens. As you travel among the planets, you will marvel at their fire and ice, canyons and craters, rings, spots, and vapors.

In The Milky Way and Beyond you will explore one of the most brilliant and beautiful of Godís creations. Experience its pulsars, quasars, and mysterious black holes as captured for NASA by the orbiting Hubble space telescope.


Creation Astronomy
Creation Astronomy is the scientific study of matter in outer space with the goal of determining or measuring properties of distant objects, such as distances, positions, dimensions, distribution, magnitudes, motion, composition, physical condition, energy, evolution, and the causes of their various phenomena. Astronomers research the contents of the Universe from the level of elementary particles to the largest superclusters of galaxies. Creation Astronomers attempt to explain stellar phenomena from the presupposition that celestial bodies were created by God. Most creationists also draw from religious texts like the Bible for insight.

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