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Journal of Creation

Journal of Creation
Journal of Creation is a quarterly technical journal (delivered every three months) published by Creation Ministries International. It brings to light the latest in-depth research findings that relate to origins and the biblical account of Creation, the Flood and the Fall.

The journal covers a wide spectrum of studies, not just science. Powerful articles have appeared on topics such as philosophy, theology, history, archaeology, social sciences and many more.

This is a great complement to Creation magazine, providing in-depth material from many experts in their field to satisfy the enquiring mind.

Presenting the latest in creation research, Journal of Creation keeps you up-to-date on creation/evolution controversies, pointing out the latest flaws in evolutionary arguments. Journal of Creation strives to publish papers that promote the development of rigorously logical biblically-consistent models in various areas.

This journal offers analytical and inclusive comments in well-referenced articles that will keep you powerfully informed on many topics. A one-year subscription includes three issues, each around 120+ pages.

FREE DVD: included with 3 year subscription. The Genesis Debate - Dr Paul Willis, a prominent TV science journalist, paleontologist and former winner of the Skeptic of the Year award debates Dr. Carl Wieland in 2003 in Brisbane, Australia, in front of 1,100 people. An engaging debate between two informed opponents wherein Dr. Wieland presents the best evidences that God created the world in the recent past. 105 minutes.