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It All Begins with Genesis: Building a Biblical Worldview (Student Book)

It All Begins with Genesis
It All Begins with Genesis
Item# BK-begins_Genesis


Format: 8.5 x 11 Softcover
Ages: Grades 7-8
Publisher: Answers in Genesis (2010)
Retail Price: $19.99

This Student Workbook is part of the It All Begins with Genesis curriculum and is filled with graphics and challenging questions that captures and holds kids attention. Get one per student, and use in concert with the Teacherís Guide.

As your young people write in the answers that they discover the book becomes a trophy they will not soon discard. Many students retain this book for years and refer back to it as questions come up in their high school and college classes!


It All Begins With Genesis (Age 7-8 Curriculum)
Demolishing Strongholds
Biblical creation science educational curriculum for Christian schools, homeschools, and Sunday schools developed by scientists and educators from ministries such as Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Research Society, and Creation Ministries International.