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An Insiderís Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects

An Insiderís Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects
Item# BK-sci-fair


by Felice Gerwitz

ISBN 1-931941-03-3

This book is a science fair strategy guide with explanations of what the judges look for and how to schedule your time. This invaluable resource will help you from start to finish.

Full of insiderís tips to help home educating parents and children put together a winning Science Fair project. There are great science fair strategies in a simplified easy to understand manner. Includes how to plan, where to look for information, the scientific method, keeping a journal, writing a report and abstract, setting up a display, guidelines, exhibition rules, judging criteria and much more! Many have used this resource and won science fairs!

Review by Dr. Jay Wile: ď...If you want to create a winning science fair project or start a science fair in your area, I recommend that you start with this book. ď