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Hubble, Bubble: Big Bang in Trouble

Hubble, Bubble: Big Bang in Trouble
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Hubble, Bubble: Big Bang in Trouble

Illustrated lecture by Dr. John Hartnett
Ages: High School - Adult (2004)
Length: 50 minutes

The Hubble telescope is revealing hidden evidence for recent creation! Physicist Dr. John Hartnett uses photos from the orbiting telescope to help prove that quasars are not massive objects at the universe’s edge, but embryonic galaxies ejected from mature galaxies in our own neighborhood.


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Creation Astronomy
Creation Astronomy is the scientific study of matter in outer space with the goal of determining or measuring properties of distant objects, such as distances, positions, dimensions, distribution, magnitudes, motion, composition, physical condition, energy, evolution, and the causes of their various phenomena. Astronomers research the contents of the Universe from the level of elementary particles to the largest superclusters of galaxies. Creation Astronomers attempt to explain stellar phenomena from the presupposition that celestial bodies were created by God. Most creationists also draw from religious texts like the Bible for insight.

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