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How Evolution Hurts Science

How Evolution Hurts Science
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How Evolution Hurts Science

50 Minute seminar by Dr John Sanford recorded at the Creation Ministries International 2009 Super Camp.

Format: DVD
Audience: High School-Adult
Retail Price: $13.00

As a leading research professor, John Sanford has seen the harmful effects of how a faulty worldview inhibits good science, especially in the revealing area of alleged “junk DNA”. He also shows how fallacious arguments are used to discriminate against anyone who dares to stand against the prevailing worldview of evolution and millions-of–years, and how we can make a stand against it.


The Theory of Evolution is the leading atheistic explanation for the existence of life on Earth through purely random, natural processes. It is the theory that all the living things in the world have arisen from a single ancestral cell, which spontaneously formed from inorganic molecules.

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