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Guide to Dinosaurs

Guide to Dinosaurs
Guide to Dinosaurs
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This new Guide to Dinosaurs from the Institute for Creation Research boldly challenges the evolutionary model that pervades the study of dinosaurs.

Millions of years ago, before mankind, monstrous lizards ruled the earth and were suddenly wiped out by a huge asteroid that blackened the sky…at least that's the popular theory. ICR's new Guide to Dinosaurs challenges the evolutionary model that pervades the study of dinosaurs and presents a biblically minded interpretation, backed up by solid science.

Learn all about the history of dinosaur fossils, different dinosaur types, and mankind's interaction with "dragons" in the years following the Flood. Great for the dinosaur-lover of any age!

The Perfect Gift for Dinosaur Fans of All Ages. The most family-friendly biblical dinosaur book ever created.

By The Institute for Creation Research
ISBN 9781935587569
120 Page Hardback
Retail Price $16.99

Book Reviews

Finally a book of Dinosaurs that really answered our questions. How do the dinosaurs fit in with the Ice Age? Were they on the Ark? What happened to them? This book is very inviting for the young and old, teaching about dinosaurs from the Biblical viewpoint and 6 day creation. Finally we have a book that we love to read to our grandkids and can share it with everyone interested in dinosaurs and the Bible. Most books start off by saying millions of years ago, so then you have to think what else is not true?. We loved this easy to read, but packed with information book so much that we want to carry it in our little gift shop in our Inn along with our stuffed dinosaurs. - Ashley & Katrin Thompson, ID

Excellent book! We recently received a copy of this book and are very impressed with the quality. Hardcover, full color, and excellent illustrations make this book a must-have for families. It serves as an excellent teaching tool for this subject, and is a great addition to any family library! - Paul, MN

Fabulous Resource for Children & Adults I ordered this both out of curiosity and because my four-year-old loves dinosaurs. This is definitely an excellent value. Beautifully laid out, a lot of great info. It did feel repetitive at times and over-emphasized the Flood of Noahs day-although I do understand the importance of this emphasis, however the information is still fantastic. I read it cover to cover in a couple hours time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND - Melissa, BC


Fossils and Dinosaurs
Evolutionists hold that this record represents a history of life on Earth over hundreds of millions of years, and used as evidence to support that organisms have evolved from simple to more complex forms. However, most creationists believe that the vast majority of the fossils are instead the remains of plant and animals that died during the Biblical global flood.

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