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God's Design: Teacher Supplement

God's Design: Teacher Supplement
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God's Design: Teacher Supplement
by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. (2009)
Grades 1-8
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The teacher supplement book provides an introduction on how to teach the curriculum, a supply list and answer key for each lesson, a resource guide containing suggested books, videos, and field trips, and a master supply list for the specific God's Design student book being used. The CD-ROM includes student supplement worksheets and tests in an electronic form.

The goal of this book series is to provide you with a curriculum that allows you to teach science from a biblical creation viewpoint so you can use science to build up your child’s faith, not tear it down. The God's Design series consistently shows how science supports what the Bible says and helps you and your children learn to recognize evolutionary fallacies.

The second goal is to make science fun and easy to teach. Every lesson has a hands-on activity that will really draw your child into what he/she is learning. The lessons are short and you can teach several levels together at the same time so you don’t have to plan multiple science lessons each day. There are quizzes at the end of each section and a final exam at the end of each book. The answers for the quizzes and tests are included at the end of the book.

• The World of Animals
• The Human Body
• The World of Plants
• Inventions and Technology
• Heat and Energy
• Machines and Motion
• Our Planet Earth
• Our Universe
• Our Weather and Water
• Properties of Matter
• Properties of Atoms and Molecules
• Properties of Ecosystems

About the authors

Born out of the concern of a mom and dad for their own children, Debbie and Richard Lawrence spent years developing this complete science curriculum out of their own homeschooling experiences.