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God's Design Curriculum Series

God's Design Curriculum Series
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God's Design Curriculum Series
by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. (2009)
Grades 1-8


There are a total of 12 books in four series covering the four major areas of science: life science, earth science, chemistry, and physical science. Each student book comes with a companion teacher's manual and supplemental CD. The books are all independent and can be used in any order. So you can begin studying what ever topic fits your needs.

The God’s Design series is a highly regarded, complete science curriculum for grades 1 through 8. Covers life science, earth science, physical science, and chemistry & ecology. In the award-winning, full-color student curriculum the lessons are short, easy to teach, and take a hands-on approach using ordinary household items for experiments and activities. But easy does not mean lacking in substance; God’s Design textbooks and the all-new teacher supplements and CDs are comprehensive. Most important, God’s Design authors Debbie and Richard Lawrence approach science from a biblical worldview, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us and showing how real science supports biblical authority and the Genesis account of creation. (Flexible order; use 1–3 lessons per week.)

• has a strong biblical worldview.
• is multi-level (easy to use with multiple children and different ages).
• is flexible and works with all learning styles.
• requires minimal teacher preparation.
• teaches critical thinking skills.
• includes fun hands-on activities with every lesson.
• is written by seasoned homeschoolers.

God’s Design for Life Complete Set
Reveal the wonder of God’s creation to your child through the study of plants, animals, and the human body. This fun and easy-to-use curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants to teach life science from a biblical, young-earth point of view. Grades 1–8.

God’s Design for the Physical World Complete
Have fun with electricity, magnetism, and light; learn about machines and technology with hands-on activities and experiments. This fascinating series covers studies in motion, energy, and technology. Grades 3–8.

God’s Design for Chemistry and Ecology Complete
Explore acids, bases and salts, and have fun with food chemistry in the kitchen! Children will study the molecules, matter, and ecosystems that make up our world and learn about the tools of science, the scientific method and the periodic table of elements. Grades 3–8.

God’s Design for Heaven and Earth Complete
Help your children see God’s plan for our planet, our solar system, and our universe with this complete earth and space science curriculum. Explore how God designed the earth to support life from our atmosphere to our oceans. Grades 1–8.

The goal of this book series is to provide you with a curriculum that allows you to teach science from a biblical creation viewpoint so you can use science to build up your child’s faith, not tear it down. The God's Design series consistently shows how science supports what the Bible says and helps you and your children learn to recognize evolutionary fallacies.

The second goal is to make science fun and easy to teach. Every lesson has a hands-on activity that will really draw your child into what he/she is learning. The lessons are short and you can teach several levels together at the same time so you don’t have to plan multiple science lessons each day. There are quizzes at the end of each section and a final exam at the end of each book. The answers for the quizzes and tests are included at the end of the book.

Each book has about 35 lessons that will take 30-45 minutes to teach. If you teach science 3 times a week you can cover 3 books in one school year. All of the student pages (worksheets, quizzes, and tests) are included in the book and are reproducible.

About the authors

Born out of the concern of a mom and dad for their own children, Debbie and Richard Lawrence spent years developing this complete science curriculum out of their own homeschooling experiences.

Customer Reviews
“ …The books in this series all reflect a Christian worldview, including a young-earth view of creation. …Hands-on experiments and activities are built into every lesson. …The activities and experiments include step-by-step instructions and are designed to teach (the) scientific method as children observe, record information, discuss, and form conclusions. …Textbooks are printed in full-color with numerous, high-quality illustrations and excellent graphics. (Answers in Genesis) has also made good use of color to highlight different portions of the lesson, making it easy to spot sections to be used with different students. These features make this series a practical choice for Christian homeschooling families as well as for classroom teachers in Christian schools. …I like this combination of information with experiments and activities, plus questions to ensure understanding. The variety of activities effectively reaches children with different learning styles. ” —Cathy Duffy, widely respected curriculum specialist

“ Thank you also for this curriculum. My children(8 altogether , 5 in school) enjoy studying together, although they are not the same ages. I have looked for and tried other programs to give them the opportunity to do that , but God's Design has been the one program that has made it possible for me without the frustration of breaking down the material for myself . I can appreciate the time you all put in to do that for me. I appreciate the challenge you present to my children to grow and learn by making them think and search out information for themselves. Thank you for giving us science with God in mind. ” —Cynthia G., USA

“ This is the second year I have used your ‘God’s Design for ...’ Science curriculum. While I liked the older black and white books, the new colorful books with cd supplement are WONDERFUL. I use them for my 5th, 6th, and 7th graders and they like them better than any other Science text that we have used.

Thank you for providing a Science program with a Biblical worldview that is homeschooler friendly.

” —D.J., USA

“ I just wanted you to know I am so thrilled with the new edition of your God’s Design curriculum. My children and I are using your “physical world” set. We all love how God is the author of all this and He is so weaved into all of the pages!!! I so appreciate the color pages—the new layout for younger children and older children. I love the supplement CD that comes with it. We enjoy doing the experiments—they are very doable and friendly. I have used other science programs in the past—this is my first year to use AIG’s science. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I am enjoying the time we have together to do our science lessons. I just told my husband, “I love science this year.” I know it is because I am using your program now. It is very easy to understand and user friendly. Thank you for working so much to update this. Who knew I could love learning about and teaching about the physical world!!! GREAT JOB on this curriculum—keep it coming!!!

” —K.G., Ohio, USA

“ We have the ‘God's Design for Science’ series and love it! We used it this past year for our K and 7th graders and will be using them again next year for K, 1st and 8th. LOVE that they are so versatile and have different levels of learning so that you can get one set that lasts from K-8th grades. There are many opportunities to take lessons and do a unit study or spend extra time on a topic that especially interests your children (or you!) as well. Highly recommend them. ” —Katie S., via Facebook