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The Genesis Files: Meet 22 Modern Day Scientists Who Believe in a Six-Day Recent Creation

The Genesis Files
The Genesis Files
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Edited by Dr. Carl Wieland

100 page paperback
Retail Price: $13.99
ISBN: 0890514097

"Creation" is a magazine of the highest quality, promoting a literal six-day creation through articles about scientific evidence for creation, full-color photos, ground-breaking news, and interviews with creationists of various backgrounds. Twenty-five of the best of those interviews comprise this book, along with color photos of the creationists and their work.

Who says all “real scientists” believe in evolution? As editor Carl Wieland puts it, “There are tens of thousands of scientists going about their everyday work and research who find absolutely no reason in science to bow to the idols of evolutionary humanism.”

Creationists with doctorates in many scientific fields are included in this collection of interviews highlighting some very talented and intellectual Christians who certainly do believe the Bible — all of it, including a literal six-day creation.

Here you’ll encounter:

• The Cal State physicist who says people are “unaware of the speculation and uncertainty (even rule-bending) there is in physical theories of origins”

• The first plastic surgeon in the world to successfully reattach a human ear

• An aerospace engineer who works for the world’s largest tactical missile producer

• A senior research chemist at DuPont who helped develop the bulletproof vest who says, “It’s clearly a gross over-simplification to state that if some simulated lightning is put into a beaker and creates some amino acids, you are on the way to making life.”

• The authority on cave geology who found himself “going to remote places, sometimes isolated mountainous areas … to do the translation live” of English-language Christian videos which were illegal in his communist Romanian home.

• The zoologist who states, “When I started lecturing to my students (about creation evidences) at my previous university, it caused havoc, and I had to leave because of it.”

• The inventor of the MRI scanning technology who remarks, “the highest purpose a man can find for his life is to serve the will of God.”

• An aerospace engineer who designs missiles and affirms, “the Bible and true science are in perfect harmony.”