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Genesis: The Bottom Strip of the Christian Faith

Genesis: The Bottom Strip of the Christian Faith
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Genesis: The Bottom Strip of the Christian Faith

Illustrated Lecture by Carl Kerby
49 minutes
Audience: Adults & Teens

Carl Kerby draws audiences to the issues of the heart unlike any other Answers in Genesis speaker! In this new life-changing DVD that relates stories from his colorful past, the former air traffic controller explains the importance of staying focused on the “bottom strip” if you are to succeed in living a life of purpose and honor to the Creator. You don’t have to be a “professional” Christian to be effective in your service to God. You only have to concentrate on the next step … the “bottom strip”!


Biblical Creationism
Biblical Creationism is a form of religious creationism, wherein the basis for the belief system lies within the scriptures found in the Bible. Biblical creationists hold to the Bible as being the inerrant Word of God with everything therein true and historically accurate. Those holding to this view also look to science and logic for apologetics. Physical phenomena is interpreted by creation scientists based on this Biblical worldview rather than Godless naturalism that the evolutionist ordains. The worldview is in stark contrast to the Darwinian evolutionary perspective known as Darwinism. Therefore, the principal difference between evolutionists and creationists; is their underlying presuppositions, or axioms.

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