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The Fossil Book (Wonders of Creation series)

The Fossil Book
The Fossil Book
Item# BK-foss_book


by Gary Parker

80 page hardcover
ISBN: 0890514380
Retail Price: $15.99
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Part of the Wonders of Creation book series.

This excellent and informative work has been thousands of years in the making! It’s the exciting story of fossils: How were they formed? Where are they found? How old are they? How are they extracted?

This one-of-a-kind book explains how coal and oil are formed, how the Grand Canyon was created, how to interpret the geologic column from a creationist perspective, and how to identify various fossils. It refutes the horse and whale evolutionary models and explains the four Cs of biblical creation and compares this model with evolution’s model of time, chance, struggle, and death.

Filled with scores of full-color photos and illustrations, this quality book explains everything about fossils from a creationist perspective while also demonstrating the shortcomings of the evolutionary model of fossils. Dr. Gary Parker relies upon not only a thorough education of paleontology, but also many years of experience in the field to pen this scholarly work. Here are the scientific answers to the puzzling questions about fossils that even non-scientists can understand.

Special features you will unearth inside this book:
• Loaded cover-to-cover with color photos and illustrations
• Full-color interior
• Explains how fossils are formed
• Describes how to build your own fossil collection, including
- How to extract fossils
- How to identify fossils
- How to store and display fossils
• Includes full-color pull-out poster
• Includes glossary and index for ease of reference

About the Author:
After starting his 30-year college teaching career as a non-Christian evolutionist, Dr. Gary Parker became a zealous creationist, eventually serving as professor of biology at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, lecturing worldwide for both ICR and Answers in Genesis, writing five science textbooks and seven creation books (translated into over 10 languages), and appearing in numerous films, videos and television programs. Dr. Parker and his wife, Mary, also run family camps, workshops, and credit courses through the Creation Adventures Museum near their home in Arcadia, Florida.

"The Fossil Book" is a nonfiction book about fossil formation, types, and collection. The authors assumed they had a Christian audience, but they still gave solid, respectful reasons for why they believe Flood Geology is the better explanation for how most fossils were formed. They clearly explained each topic and defined the few scientific terms in the text (though there's also a glossary in the back). The book is suitable for 10- or 11-year-olds on up.

There were full color pictures and illustrations. In the back, there's a 12 by 24 inch pull-out full-color poster with pictures from the book. Overall, I'd highly recommend this book to children and adults who are interested in fossils and fossil hunting.

Chapter One explained what a fossil is, what rocks they're found in, how they're formed, and the types of fossils (including fossil fuels). Chapter Two explained what the Geologic Column is and compared Evolutionist and Flood Geologist interpretations of fossils. Chapter Three briefly covered the problems with the evolutionary interpretation of fossils and why the evidence better fits the Flood Geologist explanation. It then discussed the Grand Canyon's formation and rock layers.

Chapter Four covered invertebrate fossils. Chapter Five covered vertebrate fossils and discussed intermediate fossils and fossil sequences. The final section described how to do fossil hunting and collection (where to look, permits needed, tools used, and how to collect, store, and display them). --- Debbie from ChristFocus


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Fossils and Dinosaurs
Evolutionists hold that this record represents a history of life on Earth over hundreds of millions of years, and used as evidence to support that organisms have evolved from simple to more complex forms. However, most creationists believe that the vast majority of the fossils are instead the remains of plant and animals that died during the Biblical global flood.

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