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Fossil Evidence of Creation

Fossil Evidence of Creation
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Fossil Evidence of Creation

1996. 27 min.
by Keziah/American Portait Film
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Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, according to evolutionists, but the Bible describes Leviathan, a dinosaur that lived only a few thousand years ago!

Does the evidence support creation or evolution? The discovery of unfossilized dinosaur bones suggests dinosaurs died out recently. Blood cells and DNA in unfossilized dinosaur bones suggest that the fossil record was laid down recently supporting Biblical Creation. Fossil graveyards, petrified forests, and the rapid formation of coal all speak of the Genesis Flood and other post-Flood catastrophes.

This video features Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Steven Austin, and Dr. Gary Parker of ICR among others. Interviews with evolutionists are also included and both sides of the debate are considered. Does the fossil evidence reveal gradual evolution or did Leviathan leave his footprints recently?