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Forces & Motion Curriculum Set

Forces & Motion Curriculum Set
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Forces and Motion

by Tom DeRosa & Dr. Carolyn Reeves
Grades 3-6
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A delightful first look at 3rd to 6th grade-level physical science! Includes textbook, student journal and teacher's manual.

Complete with fun and easy to do activities, the book explains important concepts in easy to understand language and then helps to reinforce the educational material with activities that explore the world around us. From friction to speed and much more, this new elementary series is both creation-science based and built on National Science standards. A must-have new series from the Creation Science Institute!

Textbook ISBN 9780890515396
80 page paperback


Student Journal

ISBN 9780890515402

Exercise your mind with fun activities - and record your results!

This student journal for the Investigate the Possibilities series provides a vital place for you to save information about your investigations, projects, and ideas, as well as reflect on what you have learned and why it is important.

The journal is filled with:
helpful graphs for special projects
Scripture reflections to pause and think about
questions to help you understand science better
useful charts to simplify your studies
guidance for digging deeper into important scientific principles

You will come to understand the intricate and awesome nature of God's world while you have a lot of fun!


Teacher's Guide

ISBN 0890515417

An activity-focused science curriculum guaranteed to engage your student!

In this new Investigate the possibilities series for 3rd through 6th grade, elementary physical science is simplified into 20 simple investigations that use household items for education experiments! This easy-to-use manual will help you direct the learning experience by providing additional guidance for hands-on projects, important concepts, structure, and insightful instruction notes.

The Teacher's Guide provides:
bonus activities for additional learning
clear investigations objectives to help guide the learning experience
sections on creation apologetics and connections to Bible references
material that gives consideration to National Science Education Standards

Make science as simple to teach as it is to learn with this complete, and easy to use series!

About the Authors:
Authors Tom DeRosa and Carolyn Reeves are committed biblical creationists with a combined 60 years teaching science. Both are excellent at helping students experience science concepts in the world around them.

Tom Derosa studied biblical creation and became committed to breaking down the barrier of a lack of knowledge about the biblical account of creation that is keeping people from Christ. In 1988 he formed Creation Studies Institute and has authored several books.

Carolyn Reeves, Ph.D., and her husband make their home in Oxford, Mississippi where they are active members of North Oxford Baptist Church. Carolyn retired after a 30-year career as a science teacher, finished a doctoral degree in science education, and began a new venture as a writer and an educational consultant. The Reeves have three children, three in-law children and nine grandchildren.


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