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The Faithful Messenger

The Faithful Messenger
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The Faithful Messenger

4 DVD set
295 minute runtime
Featuring: Dr. Henry Morris, Duane Gish, Henry Morris III, John Moris, John Whitcomb, Tim LaHaye
Produced by: Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and Ten31 Productions
Retail: $29.95
20% Discount

The Faithful Messenger Collection is a set of video resources commemorating the life of Dr. Henry Morris. The first disc contains ICR's new documentary, A Faithful Messanger for the Creator which chronicles the life, ministry, and testimony of Dr. Henry Morris and shows how God used the faithfulness of this humble servant to launch the modern creation movement and influence countless people around the globe.

A Faithful Messenger for the Creator is not only a warm tribute to Dr. Morris (who went home to be with the Lord on February 25, 2006), but as Dr. Morris himself would insist on, is also a documentary intended to glorify our Creator and show how God desires to work through those who are faithfully devoted to Him.