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Exploring Planet Earth: The Journey of Discovery from Early Civilization to Future Exploration

Exploring Planet Earth
Exploring Planet Earth
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John Hudson Tiner

160 page paperback
Retail Price: $13.99
ISBN: 0890511780

The first in a series of five books on science, geared toward the home-school market, but broadly appealing for any elementary age child. Tiner has written a textbook for 5th grade to junior high level, similar in style to public school texts, but with a creationism perspective of history. With definitions of terms and identification of famous explorers, scientists, etc., this book gives students an excellent initial knowledge of people and places, encouraging them to continue their studies in depth. Supplemented with illustrations and photographs.

By bringing to life the explorations of people like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, the author gives students the opportunity to read history that hasnít been altered or erased altogether.