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The Evolution of Darwin

The Evolution of Darwin
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The Evolution of Darwin

by Ken Ham, Tommy Mitchell, Dave Menton

Format: 3-DVD set
Ages: 12 & up
Published: 2009
Retail Price: $44.97

Gold Crown Award winner for "Best Series" and "Best Evangelistic Film"!

Exposing the faulty beliefs and ideas of Darwin!

This award-winning DVD boxed set features three of today¡¯s most popular creationist scientists and speakers. Each presents important, little-known information about Charles Darwin and his ideas that, in many ways, changed the world. This unique and well-illustrated series will equip every student, parent, and pastor who desires to be more effective in evangelizing and training the next generation!

This set includes:
• The Evolution of Darwin: His LIFE
• The Evolution of Darwin: His SCIENCE
• The Evolution of Darwin: His IMPACT

The Evolution of Darwin: His LIFE

Trace the events that influenced Darwin's beliefs. From his grammar school days to his voyage on the HMS Beagle, viewers will see that Darwin added much to our understanding of the world around us. However, his foundation was not built on Scripture. The result was a dangerous idea that would spread across the globe, misinforming young people for generations to come. This captivating presentation is punctuated with interview segments that give a personal understanding of the man who made the idea of evolution famous. by Dr. Tommy Mitchell. 54 min.

The Evolution of Darwin: His SCIENCE

Explores the science behind Charles Darwin's ideas. You will delve into such topics as the struggle for existence, natural selection, mutations, the geologic record, and homology. Throughout this presentation, Dr. David Menton evaluates the claims of evolution in light of the evidence discovered since Darwin's time. He concludes by answering the question, - Is evolution necessary to the study of biology? This captivating presentation is punctuated with interview segments that reveal the speaker's passion and depth of understanding of the topic. by Dr. David Menton. 54 min.

The Evolution of Darwin: His IMPACT

Discover how Darwin's beliefs have been used to justify policies that have resulted in terrible acts against humanity and how those beliefs continue to harm societies today. Ken Ham's practical, fast-paced presentation inspires and equips viewers to protect their families, and his compelling Creation evangelism presentation shows them how to reach their culture for Christ! by Ken Ham. 54 min. Retail $14.99.


The Theory of Evolution is the leading atheistic explanation for the existence of life on Earth through purely random, natural processes. It is the theory that all the living things in the world have arisen from a single ancestral cell, which spontaneously formed from inorganic molecules.

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