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The Evidence for Creation: Examining the Origin of Planet Earth

The Evidence for Creation
The Evidence for Creation
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by Roger Oakland

183 page paperback
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Translations available in English, Spanish and Russian

The subject of origins has always been a controversial issue. How and when did life begin? Was it a result of random chance processes over millions of years of time or was life designed by a Creator.

The controversy surrounding the origin and history of life has triggered heated debate between supporters of the two opposing views… Creation and Evolution. Evolutionists claim their beliefs are scientific and accurate, proclaiming their theory as an indisputable fact. Creationists maintain their perspective is logical and can be supported by the observable evidence.

Is it really possible to know which of these two models is correct? Is there a test which can be made to examine the credibility of a theory? The Evidence for Creation examines the fundamental principles of the evolution and creation models and tests them against the observable evidence.


About the author:

Roger Oakland is an author and lecturer who speaks internationally on a variety of topics relating to the Bible and science, the defense of the Christian faith, and the deception the Bible predicts will characterize the last days.