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The Evolutionary Controversy

The Evolutionary Controversy
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The Evolutionary Controversy

Illustrated lecture by Dr. David Menton
Jr. High - Adult.
60 minutes

This popular introductory talk by Dr. Menton summarizes his best evidences—from the fascinating design of the feather to the remarkable architecture of the honeycomb—to support the creation view of origins. He shows that our world and its fascinating creatures clearly display God’s handiwork. Dr. Menton also disposes of some of the traditional evidences used to support evolution.

About the Author Dr. David Menton earned a Ph.D. in cell biology from Brown University. He served as a biomedical research technician at Mayo Clinic and then as an associate professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine (St Louis). For almost two decades he has been profiled in American Men and Women of Science—A Biographical Directory of Today’s Leaders in Physical, Biological and Related Sciences. Dr. Menton has lectured throughout the United States and Canada on the creation-evolution controversy. Dr. Menton now works full time for the Answers in Genesis ministry.


The Theory of Evolution is the leading atheistic explanation for the existence of life on Earth through purely random, natural processes. It is the theory that all the living things in the world have arisen from a single ancestral cell, which spontaneously formed from inorganic molecules.

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