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Dragons or Dinosaurs?

Dragons or Dinosaurs?
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Dragons or Dinosaurs? Creation or Evolution?

80 minute documentary
Cloud Ten Pictures and the Institute for Creation Research (2010)
Retail Price $19.00
Languages: English and Spanish
Includes a 30 minute bonus documentary about "The Faith Behind the Science".

According to the widely-accepted theory of evolution, dinosaurs allegedly became extinct 65 million years prior to man walking the earth. But what if evidence existed to prove that man in fact encountered and lived amongst dinosaurs?

An explosive new 90 minute documentary will provide just that - DRAGONS OR DINOSAURS? explores shocking evidence for the controversial theory of creation, by delving into the exciting lore of dragons and dinosaurs.

For centuries, dinosaurs have been used to discredit the Bible - but DRAGONS OR DINOSAURS? will present new, clear, and stunning visual evidence that uses them to actually verify the Bible's history.

"If you say you think man lived with dinosaurs, people look at you funny. After watching this documentary, they'll be saying the same thing," declares Cloud Ten director André van Heerden.

Presenting major proof for Biblically-based creation while exploring the fascinating history of dragons and dinosaurs, this is one DVD that is perfect for any home school lesson, and will have kids glued to the screen the whole way through. "What little kid doesn't love Dragons? What adult doesn't wonder how the world began? DRAGONS OR DINOSAURS? explores a world that few have ever seen," says van Heerden.

Loosely based on the book by Darek Isaacs, DRAGONS OR DINOSAURS? finds truth behind the sensationalized dragon tales that exist around the world. Isaacs says that the facts presented throughout the documentary are so compelling that people may begin questioning their other beliefs, as well: "When people are introduced to the evidence, the shock for many will be that the Bible was right after all. And hopefully, they will ask the next question: What else is the Bible right about?"

Featuring interviews from the leading minds at Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, the Institute for Creation Research, Watchmen 33 and FACT, DRAGONS OR DINOSAURS? is sure to shake things up in the age-long debate of creation versus evolution.

DRAGONS OR DINOSAURS? will mark Cloud Ten Pictures' 8th documentary, and is the follow-up to the popular conspiracy documentary SHADOW GOVERNMENT, released in the fall of last year to passionate followers and rave reviews. Best known for their end-times feature films like LEFT BEHIND and REVELATION, Cloud Ten couldn't pass up the chance to explore the exciting world of Dragons.


Dragons or Dinosaurs? (book)
Fossils and Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are a diverse group of extinct reptiles best known for the varieties that reached enormous sizes. They included both carnivores (meat eaters), such as the monstrous Allosaurs that reached 40 ft in length, as well as herbivores (plant eaters) like Diplodocus that may have exceeded 115 ft. The name "dinosaur" means terrible lizard, which was coined in 1842 by the creationist paleontologist Richard Owen from the Greek words deinos ("terrible") and sauros ("lizard"). Dinosaurs are found in abundance in the fossil record due to the size and durability of their bones. Most creation scientist interpret the existence of such fossils to mean that the organisms were alive at the time of the global flood, which is described in the Biblical book of Genesis. Furthermore because the text says that all land animals were placed on Noah's ark, if correct the dinosaur was also included in their number, and became extinct very recently.

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