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Discerning Truth

Discerning Truth
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Discerning Truth: Exposing Errors in Evolutionary Arguments

by Dr . Jason Lisle (2010)
144 Page Softcover
Ages: 15 & up
Retail Price: $10.99

Here at last is a clear and concise guide for every believer in defending your faith in the face of adversity. Whether in the classrom, the workplace, or the neighborhood, evolutionists agressively criticize Christians for their belief in God and His glorious creation.

Are you ready? What will you say when your faith is challenged by those claiming to speak in the name of science or reason? Discerning Truth is a new, practical and extremely engaging book on the use of logic in the quest for truth regarding man's origin.

Filled with anecdotes from real-life examples that help clarify logical issues in apologetics.
Equips you to become skilled at distinguishing sound arguments from emotionally-charged rhetoric.
Helps any believer refute evolutionary perspectives, and to help others to do so as well!

Dr. Jason Lisle is a Christian who believes that creationists need to be able to recognize and refute evolutionary arguments, and to do so in a way that both honors God and lines up with the truth of His Word (Eph. 5:1). The role of logic--correct reasoning--is a fast-vanishing skill in our society. Yet logic is a vital tool in assisting Christians to assess and overcome the weaknesses in evolutionary thought.

About the Author: Dr. Jason Lisle is an astrophysicist currently working as a fulltime speaker and researcher for Answers in Genesis. He did his undergraduate work at the Ohio Wesley University with a double major in physics and astronomy and a minor in mathematics, and received a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado.


The Theory of Evolution is an explanation for the existence of life on Earth through random, natural processes. More formally known as the General Theory of Evolution, it was defined by the evolutionist Gerald A. Kerkut as the theory that all the living forms in the world have arisen from a single source which itself came from an inorganic form. It is the idea that particles increased in complexity to form the building blocks of life, then the first cell formed, which ultimately gave rise to people, all without any need for an intelligent Designer. This is the concept that evolutionists really promote and creationists oppose.It encompasses chemical evolution, the origin of life, biological evolution, and the common descent of all life on Earth.

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