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Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends

Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends
Item# VID-dinos_dragons


Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends - Enhanced Edition

Format: DVD
Length: 14 mins.
Ages: 8 & up
Publisher: Answers in Genesis
Published: 2007
Retail Price: $15.99
Includes English subtitles.

Man really did walk with dinosaurs! Both were created on Day 6 of Creation Week. Explore the biblical record, the fossil record, and dragon stories from around the world in this collection of videos from the Creation Museum.

This compilation DVD contains the following two programs:
- Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends
- Fossil Dig Site

Includes bonus content!
As a bonus, the enhanced edition includes Content Manager Commentary by Mike Matthews, effectively doubling the amount of educational content of nearly all of the programs. Also, the enhanced “theater” movie features Director’s Commentary and back-story by series’ director, John Grooters. Finally, the enhanced edition also features an easy-to-view or downloadable PDF of a high quality poster from Answers magazine, plus a web link or PDF file of at least one related article. Excellent for outreach and discipleship! This DVD from the Creation Museum Collection is one of the highest quality and most cutting-edge DVD resources published by Answers in Genesis to date! (Bonus material is only PC-compatible.)


Fossils and Dinosaurs
Evolutionists hold that this record represents a history of life on Earth over hundreds of millions of years, and used as evidence to support that organisms have evolved from simple to more complex forms. However, most creationists believe that the vast majority of the fossils are instead the remains of plant and animals that died during the Biblical global flood.

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