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Darwin on Trial

Darwin on Trial
Item# BK-dar_tri


By Phillip E. Johnson
195 page paperback (1993)
ISBN 0830813241

In this book Johnson maintains that Darwinism lacks confirmatory evidence, and asks whether scientists first accept the theory as fact and then try to find evidence for it. The author is a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley. You will be part of his jury as he puts Darwinian evolution on trial and deals blow after blow to the logical and philosophical errors of evolution.

In this paperback edition, chapter 5 has been revised and an appendix has been included which contains Johnson's response to his critics.


The Theory of Evolution is the leading atheistic explanation for the existence of life on Earth through purely random, natural processes. It is the theory that all the living things in the world have arisen from a single ancestral cell, which spontaneously formed from inorganic molecules.

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